Thursday, May 18, 2006

Scanner Darkly Trailer Remix Contest

I am gonna try and do this contest. We'll see how good I can make it. : )


I am actually thinking of using this logo for my next tattoo. I remade thier logo into this file. Check out the site. If your a lost fan it's awesome. : )

Monday, May 15, 2006

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Business Blog

I have created a new business blog in orde for clients to see my work. If you want to see it it's at this address:

Sunday, May 14, 2006


Looks like this is a good site to make a slideshow viewer for your space. : )

Friday, May 12, 2006

Graduation Photo

This is me after walking for my College graduation. Finally! : )

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

First Tattoo

For my graduation present, Lorena and my friend Cory got me started on my first tattoo. It's the character Aspen from the fathom comics which Michael Turner drew. He is my favorite artist and has been my inspiration for pursueing my art for years. She is holding the chinese sign for water in her hands. I wanted this because I believe the concept of water is how i need to live my life. It is one of the strongest forces in nature and it can adapt to almost anything. I should hopefully have the color done in a month or so. : )

Blogger Help: Blogger template tutorial - Tips for blogspot Newbies

Blogger Help: Blogger template tutorial - Tips for blogspot Newbies

Looks to be a good blog help site. I have been struggling with how to change my blog and this looks like it could give me the answer. Plus I will be eventually making it in Dreamweaver, but that will take some time. : )

Multimedia message

Just testing my mobile blogger : ) And it works. Awesome. Now I can take pics with my phone and send them in with messages to my blog. Sweet. : )

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


I am now officailly a graduate of the Community College of Aurora. I'll hvae more soon as I get the pictures back. : )

Friday, May 05, 2006

Graduation Day

So today's the big day. I'm finally graduating. Still doesn't feel real. Been a long time comin. Can't take the time to make a proper post today though. I got to go get ready for it. : )

Charlie St. is being repaved...(original post April 20)

Ok, to add insult to injury, I just heard from my Director of Photography that the film we actually did shoot on Monday has been damaged by the lab. The first twenty feet is completely gone. So we have none of our minature shots. And the rest has been damaged and has light issues. So we all sat down tonight and Jesus came up with the idea of developing this story into something different. Basically we are going to go out agian, but instead of shooting it on the rest of the film, we will shoot it with a still camera and kind of edit a motion graphics version of the film with the bits that did survive placed inside. I love the idea and i think it shows versitale we are with this project. So the other 800ft of film stock that I still have will go to another story that I will come up with. This is good. We now have two films born out of the one. I should have more soon on what the next film will be. : )

Production Stills Part 1.....(original post April 19)

I just uploaded production stills from my shoot on Monday. It does prove that we got some stuff done at least. I am going to be trying to do the reshoot in about a month or so. My crew and I will have to figure out where to get the money to rent from the equipment place rather than the school cage. For one, I don't trust them anymore and two we will get a better camera. Plus it will give us more time to research the location we found again, and see if we can get approval to shoot this time. I love that location so I want to do what I can to get it. I should have updates again and again for the film as we get the footage transfered and decide what pick ups we need. Keep checkin. : )

Can you tell me how to get to Charlie St?.....(original post April 18)

OK, so if you didn't already know I was shooting my last short film for Film school yesterday. And...well....things didn't exactly turn out as planned. So here we go. : )

The previous week my Director of Photography and I made arrangments with the equipment cage to pick up our equipment at 7:00am Monday morning. We had to pay someone to come in early because they don't normally come into work until 9:00am. (Just FYI, the cage had screwed up our order three times before Monday had even come around) I get to the cage at 7:00am to pick up the equipment. When I got there, the cage worker said that they only had half of my equipment. The camera, a tripod and an Assitant Camerman Kit (which has a slate for logging shots and other tools for the camera) She said that the other equipment (My dolly, reflectors, battery for the camera) won't be there until 9:00am. Well we were supposed to be shooting by 8:00am at the location so that didn't work. So basically I had to give up the shots where I used the dolly and had to go rent a new battery from Film and Video Equipment Rental (Additional money that had to be spent on equipment, as in OVER BUDGET)

After the fun times at the school equipment cage I left for the location. I ened up being 25 minutes late to location because of all the fun back at the cage. When I get there the Guy I had talked with for the reservation of the location (here is the location: hadn't shown up yet. So the secretary who was really nice had let me into the museum to wait for him. About ten minutes later Tim (museum director) had shown up. I meet him at the door and said hello and would love to start unloading equipment. He said, "Well you never confirmed the location with me so I booked the whole day to someone else. " He then proceeded to tell me that I had never sent him a second proposal and come in and show him exactly where he was shooting and exactly how many people we had coming...blah, blah, blah. This is the guy whio just a week before had said I was penciled in for the reservation of the 17th and had never mentioned a second proposal or all this other crap he mentioned. So I decided to just leave before I did somethinjg stupid and try to find a second location on the fly. I knew I could only shoot today. The only other time I would have available in the near future would not be until June or July to shot again. So I was desperate to get some in the can before then.

So I had everybody reconveen at the starbucks up the road. There we had internet acces and we tried to find another location. But then my main actor said he remembered a pumpkin patch he had gone to just down Littleton blvd and thought it might work. So I decided to have him show me where the pumpkin patch was and let the rest of the group hang out at the starbucks until then. So we drive down littelton blvd a ways and just before we get to the pumpkin patch we see this awesome palntation looking property right off the side of the road. There is a sign out front that has a building contractors name and number so we call it to see if we can get it. The contractor was awesome said absolutely. We thanked him and then asked if we could talk to the owner to get thier permission. He said the owner was actually in Cabo san lucas or whatever and he wouldn't be back soon. So after thinking about it for a while my actor and I decided to say screw it, let's shot and ask for forgivness later.

So we get all the crew over there and unload the equipment (staying respectful to this guys property I might add). I go down to the back of the plantation which has a barn that the contractor is working on because its foundation is going. This barn wa awesome. The whole back of it had fallen apart so it looked as if a bomb had hit it. So in regards to the script, it was exactly what I needed. I began to plan out some of the action with Mark my main lead actor. We hang out down there for a bit and get everything ready. We come back up to the staging area and evrybody is huddled around the camera. I come to see what's going on, and Jesus, my Director of Photography, is trying to get the camera working but it doesn't want to. So basically we had no camera to use and no time go get another. BUT! We did have a smaller camera he brought along with him to do all the minature shots with. So after all the minature shots were done I decided to use that camera to get as much footage as I possibly could.

The only problem with this camera was that it could only take 100ft loads of film at a time. We had two 100ft loads that Jesus had brought for the minatures and I had brough two 400ft loads. The two 400ft loads though could not be loaded into the camera because they have to made with only 100ft spools. Otherwise it gets messy and you could lose alot of film. So these two 100ft loads will give me about 3 minutes of shootinjg time. So I decided lets just get the best we can with the film we have and get the hell out of here. I knew that the only way to get this film done the way I wanted too, was to reschedule for a couple months down the road. So we got some good footage and then I wrapped the day and had everybody pack up.

When I get back to the cage to check my equipment back in, the NEW cage worker let m know that I had nothing checked out in my name and that the worker I had in the morning forgot to sign anything in my name. So basically i had all this equipment including a camera that didn't work checked out to no one. So I had to put my foot down with the guy and have him sign a sheet of paper saying that I had turned everything in that was taken and that the camera was not working when I left, and I had no way of checking it before I left because they forgot my battery. So basically I made sure I could never have any of them trying to come after me saying I owed them $10,000 for a camera that I didn't break.

So all in all, it was a very interesting shoot day. When you look back on it though you realize everybody needs an absolute hell production to appreciate the good ones and no what not to do on the next. So I will probably be shooting again come this summer sometime. I will have to do a lot of planning though because I am helping a lot of other productions as well. But I haven't lost my way to Charlie St. just yet. : )

Here is a great documentary: It desribes an even worse situation then I was in. : ) It really helps you to understand that if you aren't caerful, it can all come crashing down around you.

Xtreme Fitness Update....(original post April 13)

Well I sent some updated images of the website concept to my personal trainer and he loved it, so now you can see the live version. But remember I am going to try and get him to let me ultimately make it in flash. : )

Xtreme Fitness...(original post April 12)

I have uploaded some images of a design i made for my personal trainers website. The website is only a preliminary concept. I should have a final concept in about a week. : )

Flutters...(original post April 12)

This site is so cool:

What can I say? I'm a microsoft junky. : )

Frustration...(original post April 11th)

You know, the only thing procrastination gets you is a pain in the ass. I feel like shit. My shoot has become so complicated because I couldn't get our production going when I should have. Man it really sucks when it blows up in your face. Kind of humbling though. : )

Aquarium....(original post April 11)

I finally added my pictures that I took at the Denver aquarium. The place wasn't bad. Got some really cool pics with my RAZR. I love this phone. : )

Video Content

I have updated my short films and video list with links to more of my content. Give me feedback. : )

WaterStone Pictures...(original post April 9)

I have just updated my new temp site that got through office live.

I also have updated the waterStone Pictures Logo

Waiting....(original post April 8)

Ever have those times when your mind refuses to be constructive? Damn it! I hate being a procrastinator!

Commute...(original post April 8)

I have just added some pics to my commute section. I figured I spend about two hours a day everyday doing that commute so I might as well add it into my blog. : )

Dakota...(original post April 7)

I have also secured my child actor. He is an active 8 year old. His name is Dakota. That leaves me with having to find one more person to play the german soldier and a woman to play the teacher. Coming down to the wire. : )

Charlie St. Update....(original post April 6)

My lead actor has been secured. His name is Mark Story. I worked with him on Just Another Dave. Great Actor. It really is a breath of fresh air when you start using professionals and not just your friends for your short films. Just watch Just Another Dave, and you'll be able to tell. : )

I included a link to one of his head shots in here as well. : )

Choking Aphrodite....(original post April 5)

The Motel....(original post April 5)

Just Another Dave....(Original post April 5)

Hide and Seek Video...(original post April 5)

This kid did a great job....the montage is a little vag but he has great imagery. I like it. : )

Angels and Airwaves....(original post April 5)

These guys are gonna be so awesome! : )

News Map....(original post April 3)

This site is awesome. You get all the news form google on this one site, but in an awesome flash format. : )

1st Check In...(original post March 30th)

Through the next month i am hoping to post regular updates about my short film, and to keep a kind of online diary like how people usually use this. We'll see how I do. : ) So far the film is in a weird place. I don't have my location secured, I don't have my equipment secured, and I only have my lead actor secured. Thats the way of the buisness though. Stressful til the end. I guess I can't say i mind. For some reason I seem to do pretty well when the stress builds. I have the shoot days scheduled for the 10th and 17th of April. Right now though, it's looking as if that may not work so well because the equipment and location aren't secure yet. So we'll see how it goes. : )

More later