Thursday, September 27, 2007

Flight Delayed

Well this kinda sucks. My last flight for this trip is delayed getting out to denver. Not sure why yet. I think it's just an air traffic delay. Can't wait to get home.

Oh forgot to add this pic i took out over chicago. You can't see much of anything, but it's chicago none the less. ;-)


Just hangin out at the gate, waitin til i leave at 5 tonight. i'm due to get in at about 7 tonight in denver. Should be a nice sunset.


Havin some lunch at the airport before i leave for home. Was able to get some productive work done out here, dispite having all the delays and issues. Soneone who was supposed to back me up for setting up the interviews droppd the ball. So i decided to call a friend in the Baton Rouge who always pulls through for me. Safe to say they did and I was able to get 3 great interviews. :-)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Finally landed in Charlotte

United Airlines

OK, seriously this is why United airlines rocks. Last night in all the confusion to try and get myself to a hotel and get my rental car, i accidently left my binder with all my itinerary and info for the trip in it. When i realized it wasn't with me this morning i thought it was not coming back. Well just now when i was sitting at the gate, i got called up to the ticket counter. Turns out United Lost and Found had picked it up and then made the effort to find me and give me the biner back. The guy even went to the other side of security to bring it to me so that i didn't have to go through all over again. This is why i like United. ;-)


Well looks like my flight got delayed again. Eh, good story to tell i guess, lol :-P

Sears Tower 5am

Tried to get a good shot of the sears tower as i drove past. A little too dark and i was driving. You can almost see it though, lol


So since my connecting flight was changed to the next morning at 9, i had to get a hotel reservation. Well, i wasn't the only one effected by the delay. A lot people were stranded as well. So because of that, the closest available hotel to the airport was 50 miles away. Well that meant i had to get a rental car. Unfortunately because this airport is so massive, it took me almost 45 min just to get there. Oncee i got there i waited in line with everyone else for about 20min til my turn. Because they were so booked for car rentals this night, they had to start using any available vehicles for regular rates. Guess who got hooked up with an escalade? lol, that thing was so awesome. And because of where my hotel was, i was able to drive right passed downtown chicago. The sears tower is huge. I also saw it from the air when i flew in over the water. Amazing ;-)


Finally got to the gate, now we're just waiting to get our carry-on


We had to wait out on the tarmac for about 20 minutes just to get a gate to use. This airport is so huge. There is a shitload of traffic everyday.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Flight delayed again

Flight delayed now til 8pm. Gonna miss my connecting flight to chicago. Looks like the weather is gone, but the damage is done. The whole airport is backed up now and now i won't get out of there til tomorrow.

Delayed in Scranton

Flight has been delayed inscranton by about 2 hours. There was a big thunder storm over chicago that passed right over the airport. Hoping i still make my connecting flight to charlotte.

Pennsylvania Country-side

The drive out to the plant and then back to the airport were nice. These rolling hills the whole way. Plus the leaves are starting to change as well. Pretty cool. ;-)

Amish food

We ate lunch at this place yesterday for lunch. Its actually an Amish food market. That was one of the best turkey sandwichs i ever had. ;-)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Big Ass Plane

This is a big ass plane. And of course, i get an eisle seat. Well hopefully i can get a shot of chicago from the air sometime this week.

Chicago Flight

This is cool. My flight to Chicago got the Boeing 777 for the plane. This plane is huge. I think its one of Boeing's biggest planes right now, before the 747.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


The pilot did a great job in getting around the weather for us. Luckily the tropical storm had passed enough that we didn't have too bad of turbulance. Finally home.

Baton Rouge Airport

Only 2 minutes to get through security. I definitely like this airport better than the new orleans airport. :-)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tropical Storm Humberto

This could possibly delay my flight tomorrow. Hopefully it will stay far enough west that I'll be ok, but you never know with these things. Had a good time out here. Got some really good shoots done today at our Sunland Pipe Fabrication shop. Got some great shots of the grinders on the titanium pipes. They light up like sparklers when they do that. I got so close that a couple singed the hair on my arm, but the shot looks great.


Been a busy day for these guys. I ran out of stuff to shoot so I decided to play PA for the day. Been fun :-)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Microsoft shoot

Hangin out with a Seattle based production company that was hired by microsoft to shoot a case study on shaw. These guys are great. The director of photography definitely has an amzing grasp on lighting. One cool thing for me is i get to just hang out and supervise the content, so i get to watch them work. Great oppurtunity to learn from a great production company. :-)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Louisiana Sunset

One cool thing about Louisiana are the sunsets, pretty cool

Baton Rouge

security hell

i got to the airport 2 hours early thinking i'd get 2 my flight in plenty of time. For some reason security is backed up so bad that we are all waiting in lines in the terminal. I swear everytime i don't go to the airport 3 hours early, i get huge unexpected waits. lol oh well, i think its kinda funny actually.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

iPhone Fund

OK, I've been debating and debating, and I've finally realized apple had me at Hello, lol. I am totally convinced I want an iPhone. But its a bit too expensive for me to pay all on my own. So to fix that little problem, I figured I could come up with fun thing to do for my birthday. So instead of a gift or gift card to best buy or anything like that, I am hoping (this is all dependent on you actually wanting to get me a gift ;-) everyone could contribute a donation to the "Help Emrys get an iPhone fund" for my birthday. The 8 GB version dropped down to $399, so this is how much I would want to raise, including however much money I can spare to get there. Hope this works. lol, cause I'm totally convinced I want it now. ;-)