Wednesday, September 26, 2007


So since my connecting flight was changed to the next morning at 9, i had to get a hotel reservation. Well, i wasn't the only one effected by the delay. A lot people were stranded as well. So because of that, the closest available hotel to the airport was 50 miles away. Well that meant i had to get a rental car. Unfortunately because this airport is so massive, it took me almost 45 min just to get there. Oncee i got there i waited in line with everyone else for about 20min til my turn. Because they were so booked for car rentals this night, they had to start using any available vehicles for regular rates. Guess who got hooked up with an escalade? lol, that thing was so awesome. And because of where my hotel was, i was able to drive right passed downtown chicago. The sears tower is huge. I also saw it from the air when i flew in over the water. Amazing ;-)

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