Saturday, September 09, 2006

Flickr Saturday

Originally uploaded by Emrys.Roberts.
I love this flickr site. It's got me completely back into blogging and wanting to start up my photography again. I also got the short film bug again and I am hoping to start shooting my next short film again in about two or three months. Depending on how busy I get with sidework. : ) I have all new catagories on my Flickr page now as well. This is a picture from the art section. It's of a building in downtown denver. Not sure what the name of the building was exactly. I took this picture because I was so intrigued by the church that this building happened to build it self around. I guess they couldn't move it so they decided just to change the shape of the building. Pretty cool : )

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Pauline said...

I love this picture its one of my favorites.