Thursday, October 26, 2006

New Orleans

Looks like I get to head to New Orleans and Baton Rouge on the 13th of November now. I will be out there until Thursday the 16th. Should be fun. Might be able to get out to see some of the places that were damaged when Katrina hit. Never been to Louisiana before. : ) I'm excited. Might get to meet the president of the company as well. : ) Posted by Picasa


Pauline said...

Just so you know you went to New Orleans when you were a month old, so you probably dont remember it... We were waiting in line to get into a restaurant Chez Pierre I think and the owner came out was walking up the line saw you in your stroller and took us in straightaway. Cool, huh! You do have your uses.

Fiona said...

lol! good to know he's good for getting into resturants. :-) i'm jealous! i wish i could be there with you. pictures... lots and lots of pictures!