Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Long Way Down

This is so kick ass. I didn't even realize this, but Charlie Boorman and Ewan McGregor did another one! There was this show that originally aired on the BBC and then was shown on Bravo in the United States. The show was called Long Way Round. It was about Ewan and Charlie who were old friends, and bike enthusiasts that decided they wanted to ride around the world the long way round. Going east from London all the way until they got to New York. I ended up buying the DVD because the show was so good and it was what peaked my interest in wanting to try and actually start riding. After that I was fortunate to get involved with some local riders who I have been doing productions with. Lloyd who is one of the producers I work with is going to help me to actually learn how to ride, the right way, lol. I can't wait, seriously it's something lately, that I have always wanted to do. Trail riding is incredibly challenging and I think equally as rewarding. Anyway, this new show is about Charlie and Ewan riding south this time. They will start in the upper half of Scotland and ride down to Cape Town in Lower Africa. I cant wait to see it. Unfortunately I have to wait until it is realised in the US. Bummer. But it shouldn't take too long. Plus they might be airing it on BBC America. Who knows. Anyway take a look at the site and read up on the guys. Really good stuff. :)

Click Image to see website and trailer.


Fiona said...

wow. i loved riding a bike. of course the motorcycle was the boyfriends and that was a few years ago now, but i miss it. i loved the danger of it and the wind through my hair. *sigh. memories.

lol! i think the fact that you mentioned BBC America might mean our mother has worn off on you.

Pauline said...

OMG one of those dirt bike things, well if its good enough for Ewan McGregor, its good enough for you LOL make sure you wear a helmet, this is your mother speaking.

Ton Up said...

I have the first part of this series on DVD and it's been getting passed between my friends for months now. Everyone loves it...even the non-motorcycle fans. I can't wait to see the Long Way Down and I've read that they are going to do a third trip called "The Long Way Up!

Keep em coming I say.