Friday, October 05, 2007

Google Lunar

I don't know why these Space subjects appeal to me so much. Ever since I was a kid I've been fascinated with the idea of space exploration. I believe it to be one of the two last frontiers, for lack of a better word, left for us to explore. The being the worlds oceans. Take a look at this site. Google has teamed up with the Xprise to create a new space race. This one is for the first privately funded mission to the moon. Just robots for the time being. They also have a real intersting part to this to where the public can join in. It's called Lunar Legacy. You can put a picture of your family into one of the capsules that goes up, and it will set that image on the surface of the moon. Cool stuff :) Oh and don't forget to have a look at the one thing that has me really excited. I'm planning on booking a trip sometime in the future. Its a bit expensive, but I'm sure I can find a way. ;)

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