Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Open my eyes

I just went and saw "Across the Universe" by julie taymor. I would
have to say that I haven't seen a movie that has left so inspired and
blown away since I saw the matrix or v for vendetta. The use of the
beatles songs to to tell this story of a guy from Liverpool who has
his world turned upside down when he goes looking for his father in
America was absolutely amazing. I feel like the movie helped me
realize where my art has gone and where I need to take it now that
I've let slip away from me. Yeah that's seriously corny, but I feel so
inspired and creative right now that I just need to express that.
There have been some parts of myself and my art that I haven't been
able to get myself to express out of fear that I may fail or even
disappoint myself with. I'm thinking I should just let that go and
create what I see and feel. I may surprise myself.

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Pauline said...

LOL about bloody time, cant wait to see more of your paintings. Its been too long although I love the photos you have taken and posted.