Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Another Christmas Gift Idea

Hey guys, not sure if anyone is still thinking of getting me a christmas gift, but if you are I have a couple ideas for you. These are things I really love and am hoping to get by myself later on if no one buys them for me. So these would be great gifts if you need ideas. :)

Planet Earth DVD set

This series is amazing. The cinematography is the best there is and the editing helps to make the stories incredibly interesting. If you haven't watched these on discovery channel yet, you should try to catch them. Definitely worth the time. :)

Creating Motion Graphics Book

This is part of a series of books that this husband and wife crew have been writing. They are motion graphics artists out in California and they have written a series of books on after effects and motion graphics. I get sucked into these books so fast. They are a lot of fun and they help me with my career as well.

OK, I'll stop trying to get free stuff now. Thanks, and have a good Christmas. :)

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