Thursday, February 21, 2008

Something new

So i've been doing a lot of traveling for work and I've been realizing
how much lost productivity time I've lost inregarss to design and
editing and motion graphics. I realized that one main thing I've been
wanting was the ability to edit with a mobile workstation. So I
decided to start looking for something cheap to help me do some basic
design work while not at home. I looked around to the usual craigalist
and ebay, and found a couple nice comps, but nothing quite that worth
the money. Then I happened a across a local computer shop that had
refurbished comps. So I decided to stop by and see what they had.
Turns out they didnt have any refurbished left, but they did have a
discontinued model that was marked down. The original price was about
850. I had a look at the features and the only thing it was missing
was extra memory and no FireWire port. After asking what the marked
down price was I decided there was no way I could pass it up. So after
grabbing 2 gigs of memory the total cost of the machine came to about
350. Not bad for a brand new computer with vista and a better
processor than my home desktop. :-) I found out also that I can buy an
adapter for a FireWire port and still be able to edit video on the
machine. Its
Safe to say I have been geeking out over it for the past 48 hours. :-)


Fiona said...

damn dude!!! awesome!!!

Pauline said...

Thats my boy....