Friday, March 14, 2008

Investor design group

Well this week out in Nashville shooting a strategy meeting for the
energy and chemicals group of the shaw group. The marketing and
communications team in Houston planned the event. They decided to
contract a new style in strategy process and hire a company that
specializes is strategy and planning. I'm really impressed. The
company that started this is called M G Taylor. It was made by matt
Taylor and his wife. Its an amazing concept on collective
collaboration to accomplish a goal. It got me thinking. One thing that
I am looking towards is how to make my new company succeed and also be
able to meet the demands of my clients. One of the present goals is to
aquire equipment to aid in completing projects without the high cost
of rental or slow process of waiting for obsolete machines to catch up
with me. So with the inspiration of today, I wanted to create a kind
of open forum to ad me in coming up with a plan to grab investors or
gain capital in order to get those machines (specifically a new mac
laptop to handle the workload I need and a new camera) throw in any
ideas you might have. The point is to have as many points of view as
possible. :-)

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Pauline said...

Sounds like a great plan.