Thursday, December 28, 2006

Flickr Thursday

Originally uploaded by Emrys.Roberts.
I posted a lot of pics on my flickr page from when I was young. Take a look. Have a good laugh you bastards ; )


tanlotion19 said...

It looks like he is going to the bathroom.

Emrys said...

lol...its me stealing crap for my cousins....they always got me into trouble

Pauline said...

I looked at some of the family pictures you posted and put some comments, mostly names and dates so you would know who was who. Loved the ones of Grandad and Grandma Garthwaite's wedding.

Ian said...

Hey Emrys, What a great picture - fills my desktop just right! :-)

Emrys said... got pictures of me in my underwear up on your desktop...somethin wrong with that. lol