Wednesday, December 06, 2006

New Blog Layout

I finally found the hack I needed on the web to be able change my blog to the updated blog using the beta features. Damn I'm a geek. So tonight I will be updating that. I was able to get server space fairly cheaply off of media temple the other night as well and I registered So that means that in a ddition to having my blogs, I will also be able to, with fiona's assistance, finally get my own website up on the web. : ) I will be posting video's photos and all sorts of cool crap that most likely I am the only one who cares about ; P More soon.


Pauline said...

This looks terrific.

Emrys said...

Yeah should be fun : )

Anonymous said...

it will be!

mur said...

Nice looking blog. Is this picture from Australia?
And do you want to share the hack?
Cheers mur

Emrys said...

I think this one was actually lower state utah, but I can't quite remember. What do you mean share the hack? I'm confused lol : )