Sunday, February 18, 2007

Japanese Garden in Portland

Feb 2007 Visit 046
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My mom went to go visit fiona over the weekend in Vancouver. On the trip they had planned to go see the Japapnese Garden and the Chinese garden. If you click on this picture you can get to my sister fiona's flicker account with the pics. So awesome. : )


Pauline said...

Didnt she take the most awesome pictures? Had a brilliant time, wish you could have been part of it.

Anonymous said...

i think i took some ok pics. there were a few bad ones but all in all, not bad. :-)

whenever you get out here, we'll have to go to both places. i might be able to find them a 2nd time!

Emrys said...

Yeah. And I will try and bring an SLR camera with me so I can take better pics. : )

Anonymous said...

an SLR? but i don't want to go into space!