Friday, March 02, 2007

New Orleans and Bourbon Street

Downtown from I-12 I think. Best overall pic I could take at the time.

This is the 9th ward I believe. I was kind of mixed up as to where I was. You can see how much devastation is still left in these areas. This is how most of the southern part of the city looks. There were other parts that I saw later that had full roofs covered in moss. Amazing.

These are of the Supreme Court building in the french quarter. Burbon street is only two blocks over from here. Beautiful building. My company is helping to do the restoration of the basement after the flooding did quite a lot of damage.

Burbon Street : )


Anonymous said...

wow! those are amazing!!! i can't believe the picture of the houses. was there anyone living there?

Emrys said...

No most of the houses are empty or peope are trying to sell.

Anonymous said...

how terrifying! can you imagine? how did the city look?

Pauline said...

The French Quarter is amazing isnt it. I managed to get out to see an antebellum house next to Lake Ponchatrain (?) did you manage to see anything else. Pictures look terrific.