Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Arizona Trip

Wanted to show some pics that I took while out in Phoenix this Memorial Weekend.

This was just behind Kirsta's place. Really awesome road. Shows the Mountains off in the distance. I think they're called superstition something, lol.

Cool house on the same road. Dad called Phoenix the land of cookie cutter development. It all does look quite the same, but at least it is good design. :)

Us before we got the flat tire on the interstate.

My sister Fiona, Kirsta's son tyler, and my Half-brother Chris.

Everyone sitting at the table playing Texas Holdem. It doesn't look like it from the picture, but it was actually a really intense night of playing cards, lol.

I took this on the flight back from phoenix. Turns out Colorado had some snow fall while I was gone. Quite a contrast from the 110 average down in Phoenix. : )
This trip was definitely a great one. I know for myself that I was able to go with an open mind and try to just be myself. We seem to have had a great time, and breakdown some of those barriers we had in the past. Some things still remain to be worked through, but its on its way to
becoming that which I hoped it would. It's interesting how short trips can change so much, and put a lot of your own life into perspective. More soon. :)

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Fiona said...

i had fun too. i'm glad we went. :-)