Thursday, November 30, 2006


Been shooting a lot of still photography lately and it's been really inspiring me to learn more about it. It has so many paralells with video that I'm sure I could get through it rather quickly. Plus work would pay for it as well. Gonna do some research. See what my options are. ; )

Update: I just called the Art Institute and they have a new 1 year photography diploma, so I am going to meet with an admissions person on Monday to see what it's all about and what the tuition would look like. : ) Posted by Picasa


Pauline said...

That sounds fabulous, and work would pay?

Emrys said...

Yeah they have tuition reimbursement here. But I'm just going to ask questions. I may do it, or I may not. : )

Anonymous said...

that is soooo cool!!! you would be awesome!!!