Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Sudden Deep Thoughts

"God is in the rain..." ~Evey Hammond ~V for Vendetta

"It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything." ~Tyler Durden ~Fight Club

"I miss your faces. They remind me of God." ~Cleavland Heep ~Lady in the Water

It not so much the words themselves that I love, but the profound impact they mean for the human being stating them. The true reason for thier decision to use those words to express how they feel. It's interesting how impactful the simple act of living can be on the mind. I've had the privelidge of existing through my own experiences in my life and it has given me the greatest understanding of what it means to "learn and grow".


Pauline said...

Wonderful words, but too much time on hands at the present......

Emrys said...

; P Whatever