Thursday, January 25, 2007

Don to Earth

I found this blog on the Blogs of Note page on Blogger. This guy is amazing. He is 93 years old and using blogger. Has some great posts. I met a guy liek this actually. His name was spike and he was part of the Colorado 500. He is 93 years old and still rides races on his motorcycle. Lloyd (The producer on the Colorado 500 Video) and I have decided to do a piece on Spike about his life and see if we can get it on PBS. Hopefully. Keep your fingers crossed. : )

Click this link to get to Don't Blog.


Anonymous said...

i think that sounds truly neat! i so want to see the final cut on that one. :-)

and i agree with christina... can you even imagine being that old? of course, i have a hard enough time believing i'm 27.

i am 27, right? ;-)

Pauline said...

Excuse me I just became a member of AARP, ahhhhh.....