Wednesday, January 03, 2007


I just had to blog this. Rich Nortnik, a designer I work with did this piece for a competition. He has been doing alot of mentoring for me while I have been here at Shaw, and I really believe its helped me to further myself as an artist by learning from him. Rich recently sold me his WACOM tablet so I could start learning how to use that in my work as well. It enables you to draw with photoshop. Alot of designers use it and its definitely something I need to get into. Rich's work has really influenced me as well. If you look at alot of my wallpaper pieces I have been doing, you can see where I have tried to use some of the techniques he's shown me. His work is amazing and I wanted to share it. : )


Pauline said...

His work looks amazing, hon, looks like he will be able to teach you a lot.

Anonymous said...

that is just f*cking cool!!!!!